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Hal Higdon's Art: A Forest of Trees


An exhibit of Hal Higdon's Art at the Firme Gallery in Beverly Shores, Indiana

Reception: Friday, June 13, 5:00 to 7:00 PM

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree,” wrote Joyce Kilmer. In preparing the latest exhibit of his art, Hal Higdon chose trees for his subject matter. A Forest of Trees is the theme of the Higdon Exhibit at the Firme Gallery, 92 West US Highway 12 in Beverly Shores, Indiana. The exhibit opens with a reception, Friday, June 13 at 5:00 PM and continues through Tuesday, July 8. The reception is open to the public.

Higdon started painting trees last winter in Florida, attending a class on acrylic painting taught by renowned Jacksonville landscape artist Allison Watson. “I enrolled in the class less to learn new painting techniques and more to motivate myself to paint on a regular schedule. I’ve found in the past that without a plan, I sometimes will allow two or three weeks to slide by without picking up a paintbrush. Since I enjoy painting, this forces me to do what I want to do.”

Higdon’s instructor Allison Watson paints in a realistic style, utilizing photographs that she takes while prowling the woods and waters surrounding Jacksonville. At one of the early sessions, the artist/instructor threw a number of photos on the table for use by her students. Higdon chose one and had his first tree painting. “My painting didn’t look anything like Allison’s photograph, which didn’t seem to disturb her. ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it,’ she said.”

Higdon set as a goal completing one painting for every one week in the class. “Most of my classmates—and several of them were very good—might finish only one or two paintings during an eight-week class, I would come away with eight. That was because I cheated. I continued to paint between class sessions, whereas many of them painted only during class.”

After two or three paintings, Higdon realized he had the makings of a theme: A Forest of Trees. This happened after he returned home for Christmas and photographed several snowy scenes in Long Beach. “One was a group of three trees near the golf course. Another was trees beside the frozen waters of the pond near the course.” After creating one painting of a solitary tree silhouetted against the setting Sun, Higdon decided to replicate it in different colors. I figured that if Degas could get away with painting the same scene over and over, why not I?”

He also borrowed one color scheme from the abstract painter, Mark Rothko. “Rothko often painted in squares and rectangles, three blobs of color. My solitary tree had ground at the bottom, leaves at the top and sky in the middle. Same look, one slightly more realistic than the other.” (A single Rothko painting sold recently at auction for $87 million.)

At the end of his winter stay in Florida, Higdon returned home to Long Beach with fifteen tree canvases in hand. They will be shown at the Firme Gallery during the month of June.

PRE-SALE OF HAL HIGDON ART: Fifteen paintings will be featured in the exhibit A Forest of Trees, opening at the Firme Gallery in Beverly Shores, Indiana on Friday, July 13. (Everyone is welcome to attend the reception that evening between 5:00 and 7:00pm.) All of Hal’s paintings are available for sale now at prices between $150 and $300 (plus shipping), although you won’t be able to take possession of the paintings until after the show closes, Tuesday, July 8. (Prices may change once the show opens.) All paintings are acrylic, framed and ready to hang. For more information, contact:RoadrunnerPress@comcast.net.

1.    A Forest of Trees: 36 x 24, $500

2.    Tree Variaton 1: 16 x 20, $250 *

3.    Tree Variaton 2: 16 x 20, $250

4.    Tree Variaton 3: 16 x 20, $250

5.    Tree Variaton 4: 16 x 20, $250

6.    Tree Variaton 5: 16 x 20, $250

7.    Gnarly Trees: 16 x 20, $150

8.    Schab’s Pond, Winter: 24 x 12, $250

9.    Palm Trees, Ponte Vedra Beach: 24 x 12, $150

10. Gothic Trees, 12 x 24, $300

11. Gothic Trunks: 16 x 20, $150

12. Birch Trees: 16 x 20, $250

13. Blizzard: 16 x 20, $150

14. Three Trees: Schab’s Pond: 24 x 12, $300

15. Three Trees, Long Beach CC: 16 x 20, $300

* Buy two (or more), second painting $150