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Falconara Fest 2004

Falconara Fest 2004Join us at Falconara Fest 2004, the biannual gathering of families with roots to Falconara-Albanese. We will be meeting on Sunday, October 3, 2004 at the Orland Chateau, 14500 LaGrange Road in Orland Park, Illinois. Pictures and displays. Authentic Italian and Arberesh period costumes. Door prizes and much more. A family sit-down dinner. A brief program allowing plenty of time for talk. Nearly 200 attended our last Fest in 2002. Put the date on your calendar, so you don't miss this gala occasion.

Contact everybody in your family and tell them to join us. Don't forget to bring family albums, photos and memorabilia. Bring your family tree as well, since many of us are interested in genealogy. You might also want to provide a treat for our Taste of Falconara table. (Bring the recipe too.) We will have cudaches, polenta and plenty of sweets.

The doors open at 12:00 PM with cocktails at 12:30 PM and the family-style dinner at 2:00 PM. Until September 12, tickets are only $25.00 per person for adults and $10.00 for children under the age of twelve. After that date, the price goes up to $30.00 for adults. Family tickets are available: ten people per table for $250, but tables must be reserved in advance, so don't delay.

To reserve your space at the Fest, contact Rose Sartori or Ed and Edith Formosa (addresses below). Make checks payable to the "Falconara Fest". List the names of the persons in your party, including whether they are adults or children.

Rose Sartori
25820 Pinehurst
Monee, IL 60449-8719

Ed and Edith Formosa
10828 La Verne
Oak Lawn, IL

Tell us Your Story

In this year's Fest booklet, we would like to include stories from each family about their early ancestors. Why did they come to America? When did they first come? When did they come here to stay permanently? Was there anything interesting about their voyage? Where did they live and what jobs did they hold? These stories will help all of us get a personal view of the migration from Falconara Albanese to Chicago, information that we can pass on to future generations.

Please keep your story short and to the point to make it more interesting for all to read. Limit yourself to 500 words or less. Write your story in the e-mail that opens when you click here - Laura Kaufman. You may also submit your story by mail to the individuals listed above.