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Training Tips for Parents

If you would like your child, or children, to become runners, here is how to proceed:

1. Be a good role model: The most important thing you can do is enjoy running and express that joy without forcing the issue. Younger kids especially love to emulate their parents. They'll pick up your positive vibes and want to become runners too.

2. Make running fun: If running a marathon to them means long, boring rides in a car and being cooped up in a hotel while Daddy agonizes over his race, they'll be less interested. Find fun family things to do at and around your races.

3. Run with them: If you're a half mile ahead in a 5-K race, they're not going to enjoy it as much if you run by their side. Don't expect them to train on their own. You run with them!

4. Let them set their own pace: If it's raining and they'd rather play Nintendo instead of doing that 2-mile run you have scheduled for them, relax. Don't push them out the door. Let them decide their own level of participation--with guidance, of course.

5. Don't overtrain or overrace them: Overtraining doesn't work for you; it won't work for them. Keep distances short. Except for the most gifted, 15 miles a week is a good top limit, 5-K races is far enough. Marathons are probably too far for most children.

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