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Beginning Runner's Guide - Introduction

Introduction: Running continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are taking up the sport. More people are running 5-K races. More are running marathons. An even larger number simply run for fitness and never go near a starting line, or win a race T-shirt.

There are many good reasons. Running is simple and inexpensive. It’s a good way to lose weight. It makes you feel good. Running is good for your health. You’ll look better and have more energy if you learn to run.

Many people ask questions about beginning to run on my online forums. They want to know how to start running. They want a training program. They want information about shoes and equipment. They worry about sore muscles.

Every runner experiences what might be described as “Start-Up” problems. Many have “Restart” problems. Former runners (who stopped, for one reason or another) want to get back to their old running routines. They too need help.

Here is how to start--and how to restart. Click on the links below and you can become a runner too:

- Introduction
- Physical Examination
- Where to Run
- Goal Setting
- 30/30 Plan

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