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15-K Training Program

You also can use this program to train for a 10-Mile Run

The 15-K is a useful and exciting racing distance. It’s a "between" distance. The 15-K offers a challenge for those who have run their first 5-K and 10-K races and want to go a bit further without quite committing to a marathon, or even a half marathon. Experienced runners enjoy the 15-K, because it offers a different distance, one to relieve boredom. I always have liked running 15-K races and have had some of my best times and performances at this 9.3-mile distance, as well as in slightly longer 10-mile races.

Click on the links below for access to 15-K training programs for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced runners. If you are new to running or haven't run a race as long as 15-K, you probably will want to choose my Novice Program. It features three days of running plus two days of cross training. Long runs peak at 8 miles, just short of your race distance. On two days, I suggest you do some strength training combined with stretching. One day is dedicated to rest.

More experienced runners may want to select my Intermediate Program. It is one step up in degree of difficulty from the Novice program, featuring five days of running--and one of those days features speedwork: tempo runs and training on the track. Long runs peak at 10 miles, further than you'll run in the actual 15-K race.I also suggest that Intermediate runners strength train two days a week as well as cross train. One day is also dedicated to rest.

Only the most seasoned runners should select my Advanced Program. It's tough and features six or seven days of running. (Advanced runners are given the option of running or resting on Fridays.) It also contains two days of speedwork on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Long runs peak at 13 miles. No cross-training, since Advanced runners usually prefer to run, not bike, swim or walk. Only a small percentage of runners can prosper following a training program this tough, so think twice before selecting it.

For the full 10-week schedules, click on one of the links to the Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced programs. On these screens, you will also find instructions on how to do the different workouts, but for more detailed instructions plus extra training advice and tips, consider signing up for one of my Virtual programs, available through TrainingPeaks. Click here to access the menu listing all of my Virtual training programs. For ten weeks leading up to the 15-K or 10-mile race of your choice, I will send you daily emails telling you how to train. 

So lace up your running shoes. It's time to start training for your next 15-K or 10-mile race.

15-K Training: Novice | Intermediate | Advanced