Hal Higdon

Art - Bride of Zoy

Bride of Zoy is a uniquely challenging 15-K trail run, circling Cowles Bog in the Indiana Dunes near Dune Acres, scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 2006. The race is limited to 200, and all finishers get Bride of Zoy posters designed by Hal Higdon, local artist and author of Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide. Higdon also designed the long-sleeve T-shirt, available for purchase at the race. In addition to the 15-K, there is also a 10-K, flatter and with no limit.

Bride of Zoy follows in the (muddy) footsteps of the Zoy Run, founded by Al Mussman and Brian Rotz and held each year in the Indiana Dunes State Park until park officials cancelled the race, because it attracted so many runners (too many, they thought). In 2003, Steve Kearney organized Bride of Zoy in memory of the original Zoy Run. Higdon's poster (see below) tells the story of both races.

Run the race and accept a poster as your reward. If you can't make it to Cowles Bog that day, the artist is signing and numbering 100 Special Edition copies of the Bride of Zoy poster. The cost of a Bride of Zoy poster is $14.50 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $19.50. Order your poster now by going to Books by Hal Higdon and scrolling down to the poster.Special offer: South Shore Line poster plus Bride of Zoy poster for $26.00 total. This offer also includes shipping and handling.