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Hal Higdon

Dunes Poster

Running in the Dunes by South Shore Line

Dunes PosterAmong the most popular posters sold in poster stores are those produced for the South

Shore Line back in the 1920s. These several dozen posters are classic. They were drawn by a group of artists for the interurban electric railroad that runs between Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. Recently a group of new artists have produced a series of posters featuring variations on the South Shore Line theme. But although some of the posters featured swimming and skiing and Notre Dame football, none until now featured running. That prompted me to do my own poster, "Running in the Dunes by South Shore Line." You can see it reproduced to the right. If you are familiar with the South Shore Line posters, you will notice that it is based on one of the classic posters that featured a cross-county skier, titled "Winter Sports in the Dunes by South Shore Line."

My Dunes Poster is 18 by 24 inches, a standard size so you won't need to pay a fortune to frame it. The paper is high quality, and if you order a poster for only $14.50, I will be happy to autograph it for you. (I numbered the first 250 posters, but demand for them was so high both at the Chicago Marathon Expo and at the Heart of Art Tour the following weekend that those all have been sold. We still have plenty left, however.)

While creating the poster, I produced four preliminary paintings to test different color schemes. These canvas paintings exist as works of art themselves. Three of the four remain available for sale. Click on the images below for more on each painting.



Click here to learn How I Painted the Poster

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