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Hal Higdon

Purchase Hal Higdon's Paintings Online

Purchase Hal Higdon's paintings online

Recently I was one of nineteen artists participating in The Heart of Art Studio & Gallery Tour, an event organized by the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Several hundred art fans visited my home/studio the weekend of October 19-20, 2002. If you didn't make it, you missed an enjoyable weekend. I sold more than a half dozen paintings and nearly 50 copies of my new poster, Running in the Dunes by South Shore Line. But many paintings still remain, and you can purchase one by surfing into the Hal Higdon Art Gallery.

The Gallery screens are sub-divided into Landscapes, Pop Art, Still Lifes and other categories. "The Best" refers to the paintings that I consider my best. Some of them have won awards at juried art shows. By clicking on the small image of any of the paintings, you will be able to see an enlarged version and also determine the size of the work plus the price. Be aware that some of the Gallery screens may have a dozen or more paintings. Use your pointer on the right of the screen to surf down to see all of them.

With each image, you will see the following information: title, medium (watercolor, acrylic, etc.), size (horizontal dimension first), whether or not the painting has been framed, and price (not including shipping). Please note that "wrap-around" means that the painting has been executed on a canvas where the art continues around and onto the sides. Usually this is where I also sign my name.

If you see a painting you would like to purchase, contact Rose at Roadrunner Press. Or telephone me at 219-879-0133. I can answer all of your questions. If you cannot pick up the painting--or I cannot conveniently deliver it--you will need to pay shipping and handling charges. As a result of Heart of Art, we have sold paintings to different parts of the world. One couple visiting that weekend selected a painting for shipment to England. Other paintings sold off the Internet to buyers in Tennessee and Finland. All three sold paintings were large, meaning we had to strip them from the canvas and role them in a tube before shipping them. Smaller paintings can be shipped more easily. Each purchase is a bit different, so contact us and we will discuss the best way to get the art into your hands.

--Hal Higdon


Hal Higdon Art GalleryHal Higdon Art Gallery

The Best of Hal Higdon: My finest paintings

Pop Art: Batman, Superman, Pyramids and More

Pop People: Michael, Pete, Tiger and Tango Dancers

Landscapes: Lighthouses and Mountains and Palm Trees

Running: Clarence DeMar and Friends

Still Lifes: Bottles, flowers and the Southwest

Nudes: You must be over 18 to enter